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Letter from Sandy Douglas dated Sep 22, 2015

By:  Sandy Douglas Sep 22, 2015

Today, in the United States, we take the critical first step to becoming a more effective partner against obesity by sharing with each of you how we partner with organizations and how we support scientific research on health-related issues. Over the last five years, we have provided $21.8 million to fund scientific research and $96.8 million to support health and well-being partnerships for a total of $118.6 million. 

We invite you to learn about the research, initiatives and programs we have supported and the organizations and individuals with whom we have proudly worked. The information we are sharing includes the funding amount and year of support provided by Coca-Cola North America, The Coca-Cola Foundation and from our U.S.-based corporate headquarters. We will update this information every six months.

Our engagement and financial support of these well-respected experts, institutions and organizations were made with the best of intentions – to inform our business, support our local communities and support solutions to the public health issues facing people across the United States and around the world. 

In the weeks and months ahead, we will listen, we will learn and we will develop a new approach to guide and inform our path forward.

Today is the beginning of a journey. It is a journey that will make us a better company and a better local community partner. And, it is a journey that we invite you to join – because we believe in the communities that have so long believed in us. We are determined to get this right.


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Sandy Douglas
President, Coca-Cola North America

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